Motel Cream Chargers

What is there not to love about the hotel motel dirty weekend of the all singing and dancing cream chargers experience? The cream motel fashion goes hand in glove with the whipped cream chargers experience – are you with me or without? Either way, you’re welcome here as a guest!


Remember the first taste is very much with the eyes the second taste is quite rightly with the mouth – but don’t forget that for the full motel chargers experience then you need to use all six of your senses and every part of your body! So check into my motel, get creamed, relax perhaps get slightly whipped (only gently of course) and then after some frothy flagellation you’ll be as happy as a lamb smothered in sticky mint sauce. You’ll be back and you’ll be inviting your friends too I’d imagine. After all two is company three is even more company and four is something very special indeed! Where you get the cream chargers for this essential – yet decadent whipped cream motel experience is not important creamchargers.org.uk is one sensible wholesaler of chargers – in case you need enough for a bath! From the high street then www.tesco.com are every bit as good with their whipped cream dispensers – the big choice is what to do at the Cream Motel!!!!


Whipped Cream Dispenser

well now you’re all ready and packed – the clothes, the tools and the rest if the stuff your going to be dispensing over each other – ie – the cream – so now you’re all ready to get whipped. Don’t forget that you’ll be looking for a hotel with a fridge – because there is nothing more offensive than the idea that you’ll be using cheese rather than cream – it’ll put you both right off your stride – then, you’ll be wanting to get straight into the shower – but for all the wrong reasons. The cream chargers will help to keep it all fresh and we certainly think that at Motel Cream then rude food is the way to go – especially when it isn’t you that is going to have to clean up the sheets!!! That whipped cream really can stain, but it is nothing compared to the strawberries that’ll be going with it! Those turn everything pink! The nitrous oxide doesn’t help either that seams to make everything even more likely to stick!! So what about getting yourselves down to a café for some under-table action – will the whipping be of help there?? Motel Cream certainly likes to think so!! But don’t go too far from the motel because you might well be wanting to come back in a hurry before all of the cream goes flat!! Then you’ll be having to lick it ff and spit it back into the whipper!! So what use is that – even for an experienced chef – the second whipping is never going to work very well – that is not the way to a woman’s heart. Try checking out our rude-food section for some more ideas that go well beyond whipped cream! A veritable smorgasbord of delights! So where to get your cream supplies from? You probably couldn’t go to far wrong with caterlink or Crolla’s. For more inspiration for feeding your mind over here at motel cream the perhaps take a look at some literature

But before you go anywhere else I think you might want to see what Gourmet sleuth has to say on the matter.